Stair Documentation    
You have found a new (or previously undiscovered) major outdoor public stairway.  To add it to our stair maps please collect and send me the following information: 
1. Location.  The location information should include the city in which the stairway is found, the stairway name (if it is known), the lower end (or bottom) of the stairs, and the upper end (top) of the stairs.  For stairs in urban areas the lower and upper ends can usually best be identified by cross streets.  Directions to find the lower and/or upper end of the stairway are always helpful. 
Intersection at lower end of SW 98th St Stairway, Seattle, WA
2. Number of stairs.  See the Rules page for details on how to count the stairs.
3. Type of stairs (concrete, raised wood, metal, wood and earth, other). Usually this is fairly obvious, but if you are not sure then a photo is always great.
Raised wood stairs:  
SW 98th St Stairway, Seattle, WA
Metal stairs: 
11th Street Bridge Stairway, Tacoma, WA
4. Digital photos (optional).  Generally take photos starting at the bottom looking up the stairs.  Take photos of each new view of the stairs as you proceed up to the top (upper end of the stairs).  Use a medium to high resolution and save the photos in a JPG format. 
 Lyon Stairway, San Francisco, CA
5. Interesting fact or information about the stairway (optional).  This can include an interesting story about the stairway, something of note located near the stairway, or just a general observation. 
Caution: The 11th Street Bridge Stairway is not for the vertical challenged.
Please email all of the above to Doug Beyerlein at
And, if you have questions please ask.