Special Stairs 
Special Stairs are stairs that do not meet the major outdoor public stairway criteria (see Stair Counting Rules page), but have visual or historic appeal.  If you find a set of special stairs send me a photo and why you think they are special. 
Between Commons Park and the 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO.  Photo by Pat Jewett, Columbia River Volkssport Club. 
Commons Park, Denver, CO. Photo by Pat Jewett, Columbia River Volkssport Club.
Stairs (with bike ramp in middle) leading up to a dike road, Hanoi, Vietnam.  Photo by Andy Engelson, former editor of Washington Trails magazine and currently writing a novel while he and his family live in Hanoi for the next two years. Read Andy's blog to learn more.
Old granite stairway in Marblehead, MA; possibly the oldest urban stairway in the United States. 
Exorcist Stairs (from the movie) in Washington, DC; 71 stairs total; near M Street in Georgetown. Photo by David Ryan. See his blog "The Gentle Art of Wandering" for more details.