Stair Seekers     
Join us by finding and documenting major outdoor public stairways anywhere in the world. 
Below is a list of stair seekers who have provided stair information: 
James Cho of Bellevue, WA (Bellevue, WA) 
Evan Howard of Tacoma, WA (Tacoma, WA) 
Bill and Heidi Cusworth of Santa Rosa, CA (Puigcerda, Spain) 
Mike Behlen (Pismo Beach, CA) 
Melanie Berent of Friends of Public Stairs (Rochester, MI) 
David Garcia of KeepItUpDavid (Rochester, MI) 
Christian Huelsman of Friends of Public Stairs (Duluth, MN) 
United Way Trail and District, Naomi McKimmie, Executive Director (Trail, BC) 
Alana Bowman of (Wellington, New Zealand) 
Steve Spaudie of Friends of Public Stairs (North Olmsted, OH) 
Tamsin Ramsay of Surrey, BC (Nelson, BC; Coquitlam, BC; Fintry Provincial Park, BC) 
Mike Lapchick of Chicago (Saugatuck, MI) 
Eric Jennings of Friends of Public Stairs (Redmond, WA) 
Sally Brodie of Auckland, NZ (Auckland, NZ; Whanganui, NZ) 
Judy Palidar of Friends of Public Stairs (Granite Falls, WA) 
Sharon Galipeau of Friends of Public Stairs (Arlington, WA) 
Dan Gutierrez of Los Angeles (Rancho Palos Verde, CA; Palos Verdes Estates, CA; South Pasadena, CA) 
Nicole Sanders of Friends of Public Stairs (Santa Barbara, CA) 
Leslie Handmaker of Friends of Public Stairs (Morrison, CO) 
Patricia Hildbrandt of the Seven Summits Facebook page (Edmonton, AB) 
Shannon Cochran of Friends of Public Stairs (Hollister, MO; Branson, MO) 
Alex Rose of Friends of Public Stairs (Diamond Bar, CA) 
Ron Purewal of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) 
Howard Petersen of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) 
Martin Wach of Urban Agroforestry (Wheeling, WV) 
Caroline Overcash of Columbia, SC (Crowders Mtn State Park, NC) 
Vern Lovic and John Stockton of Thailand (Krabi, Thailand) 
Liz Newman of Gainesville, FL (Gainesville, FL) 
Shaun Hoffman of Happy Valley, OR (Happy Valley, OR) 
Julian Michelucci of San Francisco (San Mateo, CA; Pacifica, CA) 
Naomi Goehle (Sylva, NC) 
Jacques Monier (Prince Rupert, BC; Port Angeles, WA; Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) 
Daniel Schulman of Oakland Urban Paths (Oakland, CA) 
Jake and Cathy Jaramillo of Seattle (Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA; Pendleton, OR; San Clemente, CA; Bilbao, Spain; Getaria, Spain; San Sebastian, Spain) 
Scott Stanley of Friends of Public Stairs (Austin, TX) 
David Ryan of "The Gentle Art of Wandering" (Miami, AZ; Miamisburg, OH; Amicalola Falls State Park, GA; Harpers Ferry, WV; New York, NY; Collinsville, IL; Galena, IL; Dubuque, IA; Nashville, TN; Lynchburg, VA; Stillwater, MN; Kansas City, KS; Red Wing, MN; St Paul, MN; Albuquerque, NM; Hannibal, MO; East Dubuque, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Burgos, Spain; Obanos, Spain; Saint Jean Pied-de-Port, France; Chandler, OK; Columbus, IN; Savanna, IL) 
Dirk VanFleet of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) 
Randy Knight of Wallace, ID (Wallace, ID) 
Terryl DeBruin of Stair Race Training Buds (Cook County, IL) 
Dave Ptach of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) 
Michael Karlin (Radebeul, Germany) 
Zuben El Genubi of Houston, TX (Wimberley, TX) 
Rick McMichael of Burien, WA (Burien, WA) 
Ted Smith and family of Richmond, VA (Richmond, VA) 
Colleen Neff of Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (Berkeley, CA) 
Fred Beyerlein of Longboat Key, FL (Troy, NY) 
Chris (aka of New York, NY (New York, NY) 
John Walter of Rochester, NY (Pittsburgh stairway photos) 
Laura O. Foster, author of "The Portland Stairs Book" (Portland, OR) 
Heather Willens of San Diego, CA (San Diego, CA) 
Jason Mott, Head Soccer Coach, of Covington Catholic High School (Covington, KY) 
Michael Yadrick of Friends of Public Stairs (Port Townsend, WA; Seattle, WA) 
Martin Clunes of "Islands of Britain" (Shetland Islands, UK) 
Steve Glaeser of Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (Berkeley, CA) 
Susan Ott Ralph of Seattle, WA (Seattle, WA; Skogafoss, Iceland; Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, MN) 
Robert Inman of Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles, CA; La Mesa, CA; Bisbee, AZ; El Cerrito, CA; Pasadena, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Whittier, CA; Oakland, CA) 
PJ Glassey of X Gyms (Culver City, CA, Mercer Island, WA) 
Goran Pocina of Denville, NJ (Southold, NY; Weehawken, NJ) 
Charles Brock of Portland, OR (San Francisco, CA) 
Harvey Lewis of Cincinnati, OH (Cincinnati, OH; Covington, KY) 
Wendy Witkoski of Team Spark the Stairs, Tacoma, WA (Kent, WA; Tacoma, WA) 
Professor Robert Regan of the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh, PA) 
Andy Engelson of Hanoi, Vietnam (Special Stairs: Hanoi, Vietnam) 
Patricia Jewett of the Columbia River Volkssport Club, Portland, OR (Special Stairs: Denver, CO)  
Joe Titone of the Walkie-Talkie Walking Club, Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles, CA) 
Michael Ring of the Prospect Park Track Club, Brooklyn, NY (Jersey City, NJ; New York City, NY) 
Pat Morley of Seattle, WA (Seattle, WA; Ketchikan, AK) 
Spencer Albin of Marathon Maniacs (Bellingham, WA) 
Roberta Smith of the Chilliwack Track and Field Club (Chilliwack, BC) 
Maureen de St. Croix of the Ocean Athletics Track and Field Club (Surrey/White Rock, BC) 
Brian Taylor of Vancouver, BC (North Vancouver, BC) 
Linda Nicholas of Peachland, BC (Peachland, BC; North Vancouver, BC; Surrey, BC) 
Woody Harris of Edmonds, WA (San Francisco, CA) 
Doug and Joan Beyerlein of Mill Creek, WA (Seattle, WA; Everett, WA; Tacoma, WA; Kirkland, WA; Bellingham, WA; Mercer Island, WA; Portland, OR; Hood River, OR; Los Altos Hills, CA; Burien, WA; Mill Valley, CA; Sausalito, CA; Oregon City, OR; Bellevue, WA; Shoreline, WA; St Paul, MN; Dover, England; Folkestone, England; Brookline, MA)