What unusual thing have you seen or hear about on or near a stairway? 
·  A naked couple with tripod and camera in the early morning hours taking a photo of themselves on a Queen Anne Hill stairway in Seattle with the Space Needle as a backdrop. — Steve Swenson
Yes, I too wish I had the photo.
·  A woman trying to walk down the Blaine Stairway on Capitol Hill in Seattle while wearing high heels. — Doug and Joan Beyerlein
    Blaine Stairway, Seattle, WA
·  A man walking up and down the Howe Stairway on Capitol Hill in Seattle backwards. — Doug Beyerlein
      Howe Stairway, Seattle, WA
·  A woman driving her VW down the Crestwoods Park Stairway in Kirkland and getting arrested by the police. — Sarah Nelson
 Crestwoods Park Trail Stairway, Kirkland, WA
· Two guys running the Everett Stadium stairs wearing swim masks and snorkels.  — Doug Beyerlein
 Everett Stadium Stairs, Everett, WA